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Meet the biggest inspirations behind House Of Neutrals - Baa & Dada! Also known as "Grandma and Grandad". Two extremely hard-working people who migrated to the UK from Gujarat, India, taking very few belongings and their 4 children with them. One of them, being my mother, Vanita.

Born and raised in the UK, with our rich culture and heritage, we have come to find the joy in well-contrasted surrounds! Baa & Dada always presented beautiful yet simple items in their home and there was immense joy and love spread through-out. From rustic dark-wood paneling to creamy neutral wall lights, everything was so perfectly balanced. A warm and inviting canvas backdrop to make amazing memories.

Taking this inspiration we want to bring you these simple finishings to your home working with and supporting talented artisans and global suppliers. Thank you so much for being here - it means the absolute world.

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